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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

A.  Hypnotherapy is 100% safe, in 200 years of Hypnotherapy no one has been hurt

Q. What is hypnotherapy ?

A. Hypnotherapy is where you are gradually taken into a deep relaxed state so your conscious mind is surpressed, then the Hypnotherapist can  talk to your sub-conscious mind to change your behaviours.

Q. Will I know what’s happening?

. Yes, you will be conscious the whole time, you will just be in a deep relaxed hypnotic trance

Q. Will you make me bark like a dog or do anything stupid?

A. Absolutely not, this is illegal for me to do and against my practice. I do Clinical Hypnotherapy only and not stage entertainment hypnosis

Q. What if I feel really nervous ?
A. Most people are nervous on their first session, this is natural as you don’t really know what to expect until you experience it. Please don’t worry, I explain everything before I start the hypnosis so that you will know exactly what is going to happen. Many first timers then start to feel relaxed and don’t feel nervous anymore. I like my clients to feel as comfortable as possible.
Alcohol Addictions
Drug Addictions (inc cannabis)
Habit Control
Nail Biting
Compulsive Lying
Self Harm
Shop Lifting
Coming Off Anti-depressants
Mobile Phone Obsession
Sexual Addiction
Wine O'clock Habit
Bees & Wasps
Fear of Blood
Fear of Heights
Fear of Death
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Animals
Fear of Flying
Fear of Success
Fear of Failure
Fear of Vomiting
Social Phobia
Nervous Passenger
Growing Old
Clinical Hypnotherapy & Reiki
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