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Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you have confidence issues and low self esteem, let hypnotherapy increase your self esteem and gain confidence
Self-esteem, is the affective dimension, the feeling dimension of the self. People have certain ideas and feelings about who they are, self-esteem refers to the extent that persons value and accept the self. It is the way a person feels and thinks about themself that can be measured by the way they act and behave. Self-esteem can also be defined as an internal belief system and how life is experienced externally. It also related to having a positive sense of self-inherent worth as a person, and is developed and made-up of learned feelings.It is a basic essence, it is the positive thoughts that reflect a positive attitude of
‘I can’ versus a pessimistic attitude of ‘I can't’. Self-esteem is self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect.
Many people have no confidence or self esteem due to how they think they look, how intelligent they are, from previous conditions such as anxiety, depression etc. With Hypnotherapy, I can turn your negative thoughts and behaviour into positive ones to build self esteem and give you all the confidence you need to lead the life you deserve to live.
Treating someone with confidence and self esteem issues is not a quick therapy. It needs an action plan and a few sessions to achieve results. personal change always involves major change in the person's life, a lifestyle change
The first step needed to be taken is to eliminate past negative programming, for example, an individual has in the past been told they cannot do something or they are clumsy or dumb etc. In the hypnotic induction I will go through a technique of getting rid of that perception about yourself. What initially needs to be overcome is the fear of attempting something you have been told you cannot do.
A person needs to evaluate their attitude toward themself, and believe in and see it happen. Success is an attitude. Reflect on all the positive aspects of the self, creativity, intelligence and talents, and then visualise and believe the action successfully taking place and all the attributes that go with the achievement.
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