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Stress can be defined as the experience of unpleasant over or under stimulation that can and does lead to ill-health, depending on the level of stress being experienced. No human being can function without stimulation and challenge; it is part of life and provides excitement, impetus and motivation. However, stress can also cause distress and anxiety.

As long as a person feels in control, challenge can be invigorating. However, with some of the challenges that meet, the more disabling feelings and actions associated with stress can take hold.

Stress is the result of a mismatch between the challenge being experienced and the belief in an ability to cope sufficiently. Challenges may come from external sources, e.g. a demanding boss, and may be the result of too much or too little pressure. Boredom in itself can cause stress to an individual who is used to and enjoys being kept busy.

Pressure may also come from within a person and be a product of his or her own value systems, needs and expectations. Everyone has powerful personal histories that affect their current attitudes and actions. Therefore, everyone perceives and interprets stress in different ways.

Some of the challenges you experience, elicits the more disturbing feelings and actions associated with stress.  These challenges or pressures may come from both external and internal sources, being the product of a person’s own value systems, needs and expectations.  Therefore, that which causes tension to an individual and the way they deal with the stress is an individual process.  Different methods will work for different people. 

How Hypnotherapy can help with Stress

I would firstly have a chat with you to get as much information about what makes you stressed, any particular situations that make you feel stressed, whether its work, personal life, emotional stress etc. Then I would use a couple of techniques to give positive responses to the situations that make you stressed.

Once I have all the information I need I would lead you into hypnotic trance and deliver the relaxation therapy, along with the 'blow away stress' technique and then the positive responses within the hypnotic suggestions.

Hypnotherapy is very powerful when treating someone for stress and it is also very relaxing and gives you new ideas on how to eliminate stress from your life
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